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BOUBA upper floor.HEIC

Creating climbing gyms designed to offer a memorable climbing experience to your future customers. 

Plastic Fantastic is your contact for DREAMWALL in Switzerland! 

We’ll guide you through the process. From the start of the project to the day the first customers can enjoy the first routes and boulders in your new gym.

From climbers to climbers.

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A team with an extraordinary devotion and probably the best existing expertise in the world of indoor climbing. They are dreamers and hard workers, knowledgeable, and responsible.


Going for an open and honest communication with the clients. They are well aware that the indoor climbing experience strongly depends on the design of the walls; their huge expertise in this field is what makes the difference. This is why they love to share their knowledge with you and guide you through the journey of creating your own dream-project. 

Dreamwall has a crafty approach, they use advanced technologies and materials to guarantee durable, high-quality climbing walls but most importantly walls designed to provide a memorable climbing experience each of them with their own unique touch.



The design process starts with a thorough analysis of the available space. Putting your requests and demands first, they will create a piece of art that combines functionality and creativity to provide the best possible climbing experience.


All the structures are in accordance with the international and local standards. Dreamwall’s expertise has no limitations in terms of design and guarantees to satisfy any requirements. 

The close cooperation between the design and engineering team makes it possible to create climbingstructures that fit even the most challenging building plans. From traverse walls to enormous self-standing outdoor towers.


Perfect planning guarantees that the result is going to exceed expectations. The team will take care of every detail during the process and keep you well informed. Making sure all stages of the project are accomplished within the project timeline.


The highly skilled assembly team will make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together. Guaranteeing a very fast and clean process in compliance with all health, safety and construction regulations.

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