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"Routesetting is teamwork, be it for a competition or for the day-to-day setting in your gym, it’s always the result of cooperation and the emulsion of the different opinions and contributions to the setting process of the whole team"

Routesetting service

Plastic Fantastic is your reliable partner for every routesetting job a modern gym requires. Our crew consists of a pool of very experienced and well-rounded setters. Boulders or routes we have a setter for every job!

Competitions, day-to-day setting, a grand opening of a new gym, a schoolwall that needs a reset, we do it all. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your walls need fresh and shiny  boulders or routes. Always made with lots of love and a guarantee to keep your climbers intrigued by all that plastic.


Intrigued by movements since the beginning of his routesetting experience. Igor started his journey with a more old school style to progress and developed a versatile toolbox of movements inspired by the forest of Fontainebleau. 

Active in the commercial setting for over a decade now and with a big focus on competition setting since 5 years. Next to his explosive and coordinative setting-style he‘s well known in Belgium for his allround interesting boulders and his general love for routesetting. Always striving to evolve his routesetting made him to one of the National Routesetter for the Belgian federation.

He is very keen to share his experience and routesetting with the Swiss climbing scene.



Problem creator and movement technician for as long as he remembers. His passion for climbing is the driving motor behind his varied history as a routesetter. Lowie has been serving freshly brewed boulders and routes to all kinds of crowds for the last 12 years. 

He started setting in commercial climbing gyms, but quickly got into competition setting as well. He has been setting both boulder and lead competitions and gained a pretty vast experience throughout the years. Specializing in one the disciplines was never the question, he simply loves it all. 

His style can be described as complex and technical, always tricky and sometimes powerful. He has a strong preference for movement based challenges rather than feeding the climbers strictly physical defeats. From beginner to professional athlete, Lowie will create the appropriate boulders or routes and make the climbers dance on the wall.

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