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World Championships Bern 2023

Plastic Fantastic is the biggest supplier for holds and volumes for the upcoming World Championships. We are offering big discounts on the holds selections. That’s not all, only domestic transport costs and importation costs will count when purchasing out of this selection. Don’t miss out on this sale!


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Sales Discount

  • 35% discount if you get the whole selection of one brand

  • 25% discount on a part of the selection (full-sets only please)

  • 10% discount on additional selections of the same brand on additional orders for the same brand, so you can complete the World Championships selection with what you or your customers want.

360 Holds 

A real institution of climbing hold development, 360 HOLDS is one of the most innovative and cutting-edge brands out there. 


Signature shapes in a style you recognise from afar and a seemingly unstoppable creative drive to improve the concept of ‘a climbing hold’; 360 HOLDS is simply cannot be missed on the stage of the World championships.


From world class level athletes to first timers, 360 HOLDS redefines your climbing experience! 



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Celebrating its 20th anniversary; Expression Holds is one of our largest climbing holds contributors to the World Championship.  


With 55 new macros released last year, Expression has more than doubled their fiberglass range. Always challenging, well-rounded and providing creative, yet ergonomic, solutions for all your climbs. Expression will shine on the stage of the world championships, and will continue doing so in your gym. On to the next 20 years of excellence and innovation!


The rise of Agripp within the international competition scene during the last years is the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication. The brand strives to help our beloved sport progress, but, most of all, Agripp is driven by the passion for climbing. 


The versatility and variety in shapes will challenge the athletes across many skill sets. For the world championships, Agripp will bring out a full new line of fiberglass macros, stay tuned for more information!



Sup'R - 2_B_T.png

Sup’r, the young prodigy among our brands, will be providing wooden volumes for this prestigious event. Created by Gautier Supper and Thibault Toussaint,  Sup’r products are marked by innovation and style. The founders seek to push the boundaries of climbing, which is particularly evident in their fiberglass ranges and their new 'Transformer' wood volume range, which will have its world premier in Bern.


Sup’r products are currently produced in Europe and Asia. The brand aims to have production on several continents in order to reduce their ecological impact, and to develop more sustainable products. 

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