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Chalk, holds and volumes maintenance products, routesetting tools, brushes and crashpads.
Our selection of everything you and your gym need!

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Keep your gym spick and span with Cleanbing! 

This detergent formulated for the cleaning of climbing holds, walls, matts and volumes; effectively removes the remains of magnesium, sweat and rubber. Cleanbing shoes, scented odor remover, guarantees a fresh smell for your rental shoes. 

All Cleanbing products are ‘touch-friendly’ and meet the highest environmental norms.

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High quality magnesium carbonate cream helps you use less chalk while maintaining good friction. Chalk Rebels offers traditional white chalk cream & 100% transparent crystal chalk to make sure chalk stays where it belongs: on your fingers, not the holds! 

Use Less Chalk! 

Plant a tree while doing so!

The 360 toolbag will make your routesetting so much easier and faster. Two main pockets, a bit magnet and a marker on the main toolbag are almost all you need. 

By adding the Mini you have an additional pocket for more screws, chalkmarkers or even your favourite snack.

A routesetters' must have!

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SNAP the iconic crashpad brand for over 20 years now. Well-known for their superb durability and unmatched performance characteristics, SNAP pads are simply the best! 

Their patented and innovative Air technology spreads the impact reception: firm for the high falls, soft for the lower falls. 

From beginner to high-level fanatics, SNAP has a crashpad for every climbers needs.

High quality products for climbers, routesetters and gyms.
GoodGrip brushes are not just an accessory, they are an essential tool. Made out of eco-responsible materials and produced locally by incorporating social crafts-ateliers into the production process, GoodGrip cares for the planet and its people. While doing so, they make simply the best brushes, we and our most beloved rock and plastic will ever touch.

The Indoor Pro brush-stick, an unmissable tool for every bouldergym, and the RINGO’s, soon to be part of the standard equipment in every routesetters’ toolbag, are our favorites.

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