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The name 360 holds already describes their vision, to create a global story and bring innovation and uniqueness to your walls. Every hold and volume coming out of their laboratory is the result of their never ending quest for perfection. Freshness  and high quality products are the main features of 360 Holds.

Download Ordersheet 360 Holds

Kilter Logo Black (2).jpg

Kilter is not a “normal” climbing grip company. They are a bit obsessed and have the years to prove it. Kilter knows climbing gyms, climbing grips, and what professional route setters demand.

Kilter's first sets were released in 2013 and now the line is one of the largest in the industry. Kilter has won the Climbing Business Journal Grips List 6 times!

Download Kilter ordersheet (CX production)

Download Kilter ordersheet (Aragon production)

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Expression holds offers climbing holds and volumes for all uses - from educational facilities to World Cup competitions - and in all types of materials. 


What uplifts them even more is to have the honour of being one of the 4 official hold brands for Tokyo 2020's Olympic Games, supplying the Chamonix World Cup for over 10 years and being selected for both the P24 and S24 catalogues for the upcoming olympic events. Cementing their commitment to excellence in the climbing community. 


Download Ordersheet Expression Holds 


Logo ArtLine FIN.png

Artline an established value and one of our bigger brands, Stylish designs that spark that desire to climb. With a wide choice of +2000 holds, 80 GRP volumes and over 120 wooden volumes there is something unique for every purpose!


Download Ordersheet Artline 


Agripp, founded in 1991 and innovating their shapes ever since. Known for their classic Dual texture PU and their extensive range of Macros. They are a guarantee to add some shine to your gym! After being officially selected for the TOKYO 2021 Olympic Games in the MACRO - T20 IFSC category they are now selected for the S24 Holds selection. 


Download Ordersheet Agripp



Simpl offers a clean and minimalistic design. Shiny dual texture adds some slippery technical challenge throughout their range of volumes. The super detailed finishing is simply the best and we love the visual effect of the classy white lines.


Download Ordersheet Simpl

LOGO SQ - W_Plan de travail 1_edited.png

SUP'R climbing was born out of the need to respond to the ever growing demand for wooden volumes and macros. In 2023 they expanded there catalogue with PU holds and more then 100 Macros.

Passionate about climbing sensations, they are always looking to improve their products.


Download Ordersheet SUP'R

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Gregor Vezonik, the founder of Vezi Holds, was born into a climbing family practically with a climbing hold in his hands. To say climbing is in his DNA is an understatement.

The holds are all designed with years of climbing experience with the end-user in mind. This means they are created to suit the needs of modern routesetting and to guarantee a fun experience for the climber.


Download Ordersheet Vezi Holds 


NEO climbing volumes is a new brand designed in Korea and produced in Slovenia. Their volumes will suit the needs of a modern-style route setting. Thanks to the lightweight materials they are easy to handle and will guarantee a fun and enjoyable experience for every climber.

Download Ordersheet NEO 

logo snap-noir FIN.png

 In 2019, close to the forest of  Fontainebleau, SNAP HOLDS was born. The shaping is inspired by original designs and grips. These holds will challenge you to create a real lab of movements and unprecedented motion on the climbing wall. Their Roswell range grew out to an instant classic! 


Download Ordersheet SNAP 


Delta is a young brand focusing on volumes both in plywood and fiberglass. Their passion for climbing drives them to make their products unique, esthetic and top quality! Designed in collaboration with routesetters, coaches and world class athletes. When classic beta isn't good enough!

Download Ordersheet Delta 

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Pusher is one of the most iconic and influential hold companies of all time. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah they have been at the heart of the American climbing scene for decades, making holds for people who love climbing. Pusher was built by real climbers who wanted the tools to push themselves, so they created holds that did not yet exist. This tradition continues to this day as they strive to bring you new hand-crafted shapes.

Download ordersheet Pusher 

360 holds READY logo nalepke_OK-03 copy.

What do you get when the people of 360holds let their inspiration flow on fiberglass macro’s? Ready holds! The dual texture shapes are extremely technical and their exceptional design clearly makes them suitable for competition circuits or some funky boulders! The whole range is available out of stock, so expect really fast delivery times for these beauties.

Download Ordersheet Ready 


Didak's holds designed and shaped in Barcelona. Every hold and volume aims for perfection. They will make every climber discover her/his potential through their intelligent and challenging shapes. Didaks strives for perfection, holds created by climbers for climbers.

Download Ordersheet Didak's


IBEX is not just another holds-producers. If you are looking for new ideas and bold designs you really don't need to look any further. Their mat finish of their dual texture holds is a perfect way to attract the eye in climbing gyms.

Download Ordersheet Ibex


This young and  dynamic holds-maker offers you unconventional holds with a special grip and a modern style, ideal for both climbing and bouldering. If you like these characteristics you are at the right place. Their drive for innovation and development is relentless. They even provide the option to customize the design of their volumes with your logo on it.

Download Ordersheet Virgingrip


One of the new kids on the block, but definitely worth keeping an eye on. With  pure and minimalistic shapes as well as some shapes for those searching the rocky feel on their plastic holds. Thrill Seeker will provide you the Thrill you’re looking for.

Download Ordersheet Thrill Seeker


Samsara stands for its roots of simplicity, spontaneity, and honesty. Their mission is to make an authentic product out of  their passion for climbing and true to the core inspiration, movement. The new wooden dual texture volumes look very promising and are proof of their ever evolving development as a holds-company.

Download Ordersheet Samsara

LYNX logo-FIN 01.png

Designed by route setters with subtle details that make all the difference. Mirrored pieces of different heights give your creations aesthetic look and allow tweaks to perfection. Made from high quality birch wood, with a coating for the grip you need.

Download Ordersheet LYNX

Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 11_edited.png

Polytalon develop their innovative climbing holds with and for the wide audience of climbing gyms, professional climbers and routesetters. A rough, durable surface and clear, defined shapes are top priorities, as is sustainability. The shapes are passionately handcrafted in their in-house production and the climbing holds are manufactured partially automated. Always with a focus on the essential – climbing!

Download Ordersheet Polytalon


Founded in 1996, the company VOLX rapidly built a reputation for being one of the very first manufacturersof climbing holds.

Since then, they have added thousands of shapes, breaking new ground to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding climber. A natural way of life, purity of moves and design are still their most important values.

Download Ordersheet Volx 

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 11.35_edited.png

UNDER BLUE HOLD was founded by Masaki Yasuda in 2007.

Yasuda was born and raised in Tokyo and began manufacturing climbing holds by himself as an enthusiastic climber. Soon after, he resolved to devote his life to climbing holds. Today, he is a pioneer among Japanese hold makers.

Download Ordersheet UBH

Unleashed Climbing was established in 2016 and designed in Australia by Will Watkins, who has over 20 years of experience in shaping and routesetting. Unleashed has a complete catalogue of climbing holds, the macros are super versatile and excellent for use in lead routes, as well as for bouldering.


Download Ordersheet Unleashed 

Banana volumes

Banana Volumes is established by three motivated young guns . They build, design and prepare everything in-house. Being routesetters, they craft inventive volumes inspired by movements, resulting in products that combine form and function seamlessly.


Download Ordersheet Banana Volumes


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